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The Bicentennial Commission is hugely important to the effort to celebrate and reflect on Hamilton County's history. We wouldn't be where we are, however, without committees and their members. If you are interested in being a part of a committee, see the signup on the Volunteer page. A huge THANK YOU to everyone involved! 

Book Team

The team is responsible for the marketing, publishing, writing, editing, and design of our book, Hamilton County Indiana: 200 Years of Change. See more about our book here. 

Communications Team

This team is responsible for all the information you see about the Bicentennial! The website, social media, advertisements, merchandise, and more! Find our social media @hamcoturns200. 

Event Management Team

This team handles the logistics of all the different events throughout 2023. Once events are approved for our calendar, the team makes sure the event goes smoothly! 

Content Review Team

This team handles the applications for events and programs that come through our website. They fact-check the history and make sure it fits one of our Bicentennial themes.

Budget Team

This team makes sure our dollars and cents add up right! They also are responsible for the grants we receive as well as the grants we give to organizations putting programs together. 

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