Celebrating Hamilton County, Indiana: 200 Years of Change

Where Can I Buy the Book?

PRE-ORDER coming soon!

Our book is due to be published in November 2022, but you will be able to pre-order soon. Learn about local history while you support the Bicentennial!

How Can I Contribute to the Book? 

We want YOU to tell us YOUR stories! 

Hamilton County residents (past or present) are encouraged to submit memories and photos. They could be featured in our book or on our blog! We want to know how you see history. Read below to find out how to submit!


What Is the Book About?

Our book will be an inclusive, up-to-date history of the county. 

Read about all 9 townships in our book, Celebrating Hamilton County, Indiana: 200 Years of Change. See historic photos and find memories from local residents. Our book covers all 200 years of history and beyond. 


Submissions are due March 15th, 2022.

If you have any issues or are stuck on where to start, email us at info@hamcoturns200.com or call us at 317-674-3510. We can walk you through the process! 

Story Instructions:

Word limit: 500 words

Format: Full sentences, edited and organized. Fully proofread. 

Organization: Write your story in a narrative format with a beginning, middle, and end.

Here's a list of the types of stories we're looking for:

  • Tell us about Hamilton County. Where does your story take place? We want the majority of your story to be in Hamilton County if possible. 

  • Tell us who was there. Was it you or your family? An ancestor? Someone whose story you know for other reasons? A group of people? 

  • Tell us when it was. In your lifetime? Your grandparents? Another ancestor? Be as specific as possible. 

  • Tell us what happened. Is it the story of someone’s life? Is it the story of a particular event? Be specific!

  • How does this memory affect your present-day life? How do you think choices made by your ancestors (or your younger self) will influence the future

Find some story prompt ideas here. 

Photo Instructions:
  • .jpg, .png, or .tiff photos accepted

  • A DropBox or Google Drive link is acceptable

  • If possible, have original photos scanned, rather than sending in photos taken of pictures. 

  • Include photos that you know were taken in Hamilton County, if possible. 

  • Try to submit photos that you know something about - you will fill in the story in your submission. 


As much as we'd like to, we can't guarantee including everyone's submission in the book. We encourage you to submit as many memories or photos as you want, because if they don't make it into the book, they could be featured in the blog! Read the waiver in the submission form under "Submit When Ready" for full details. 

Submit When Ready:




Or Send It In The Mail-

Include a return address so we can send a consent form!

Hamilton County Historical Society

Attn: Bicentennial

PO Box 397

Noblesville, IN 46061


If you or a loved one can't figure out our digital submission system or if you have photographs and you don't know how to get them to us - we have a solution! 

For Stories:


Make an appointment with our Oral History Phone Bank! 


What You’ll Need:

  • A great story from your time spent in Hamilton County. (Need ideas? See our prompt list)

    • Story should take no longer than half an hour to tell. 

    • Story should have a beginning, middle, and end and talk about something related to Hamilton County history. 

  • A phone number we can call when you sign up for your appointment. 

  • An email address (or regular address) so we can get a consent form signed.

Appointment slots coming soon!

For Photographs:

If you missed our Scan-a-thons and still have photos that still need digitized, never fear! 

Libraries throughout the county offer free or low-cost digital scanning. For example, the Indiana Room at the Hamilton East Public Library in Noblesville would be happy to help you scan your photos for the Bicentennial! Email us info@hamcoturns200.com or call us 317-674-2150 to find out more.