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200 in 15

Video Podcast of the Hamilton County Bicentennial

Time travel through the remarkable stories, extraordinary individuals and significant locations that have shaped Hamilton County, Indiana, in 200 in 15. In each episode, Hamilton County Historian David Heighway and host Adam Grubb dive deep into the rich tapestry of our community's past, uncovering hidden gems and untold tales that span two centuries. 

Join us to walk in the footsteps of visionaries, trailblazers and unsung heroes, discovering their triumphs, struggles and enduring legacies. Through meticulous research and passionate storytelling, 200 in 15 brings to life the vibrant characters, pivotal moments and captivating spirit of this incredible county.

Episode 01

Art History in 15 Minutes

Learn about a fife-playing early settler and the first traveling performers to visit Hamilton County. Hear about the fate of an ambitious acrobat, our first performance hall and what sparked Carmel's arts boom. Plus much more! 

Episode 02

Diversity & Inclusion History in 15 Minutes

Hear about the Lenape Indians and African American trappers, and Westfield's role in the Underground Railroad. And did you know that a gas boom and then bust spawned immigration followed by the rise of the Ku Klux Klan? And much more!

Episode 03

Parks & Environment History in 15 Minutes

Hear about the impenetrable terrain early settlers entered when they arrived in the 1820s and why scientists today say thousands of animals ravaged the county during the Great Squirrel Stampede. See photos from floods, and get acquainted with the county's oldest parks. And more!

Episode 04

Education History in 15 Minutes

The road to Hamilton County's award-winning schools was paved with wolf attacks and some unusual classroom practices. Hear how school districts developed and about the first secondary schools. Heighway tells how natural gas money, basketball the pursuit of self-improvement shaped progress — and much more!

Episode 05

Historic Preservation in 15 Minutes

Get a primer on the delicate balance of preservation and progress in Hamilton County. Learn why train depots became targets of demolition and preservation. Hear about the three-story brick house that was moved to make way for a church expansion in the 1980s. Heighway shares an example of how leaving a place alone can bring about incredible finds. Plus three fun facts and more!

Episode 06

County Mythbusters in 15 Minutes

Did John Dillinger frequent our community? Was grave robbing a problem? What's the story behind Josiah Polk's cabbages, Strawtown's state-capital dream, and the naming of Cicero Creek — or are these all just tall tales? Find out the truth about these Hamilton County myths and more — in just 15 minutes!

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